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Anwar Ratol (07Kg) Gift Box


Ratol is not the best choice of the Farmers for production due to less average production per Tree when compared with other Mango Types. So production of Ratol is gradually reduced.

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Initially, this mango was cultivated by Anwar ul Haq in the Ratol region of Uttar Pradesh India. The size of this mango is small in size but the taste is sweet when fully ripened.

This mango is not heavy to eat & you can eat a lot of mangoes at once. The popularity of this mango is increasing day by day due to its delicious taste and flavour. These mangoes are very small in size as compared to other mangoes.

Its production is increasing extensively in South Punjab (Shujabad and Jalalpur Pirwala) province of Pakistan. Anwar Ratol mango is flesh without fibre. Start early during the mangoes season. Due to high demand and low production, they last only for a limited time.

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Weight8 kg
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